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Mekong Viet Nam Seafood Processing Import-Export Joint Stock Company is abbreviated to MEVNCO, which is located at 63 Tac Thu hamlet, Ho Thi Ky village, Thoi Binh district, Ca Mau province of Vietnam, was established in 2009 and the latest renew with a license number 2000528629 issued by Department of Planning And Investment of Ca Mau province, Vietnam in 2020.

Over a decade, the factory has created the value from Vietnamese authentic shrimps. MEVNCO is a pioneer in bringing the fresh and rich flavor of Ca Mau’s shrimp quality to global diners. Especially MEVNCO‘s factory systems in force approval number European Commission code DL 747 has been certificated by HALAL company, ISO, European Commission, National Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance Department (NAFIQAD) and Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA). With an area of ​​3 hectors, MEVNCO‘s factory has a capacity of more 250 MT of finished products monthly, and is equipped with the most modern and up-to-date equipment as follows:
No.1: Frozen raw and cooked: (HOSO, HLSO, EZP, PTO, PD, PUD, BUTTERFLY, HAED…) Black Tiger Shrimps
No.2: Frozen raw and cooked: (HOSO, HLSO, EZP, PTO, PD, PUD, BUTTERFLY, HAED…) White Shrimps
No.3: Frozen raw and cooked: (HOSO, HLSO, EZP, PTO, PD, PUD, BUTTERFLY, HAED…) Pink Shrimps
No.4: Frozen raw and cooked: (HOSO, HLSO, EZP, PTO, PD, PUD, BUTTERFLY, HAED…) Cat Tiger Shrimps
No.5: Frozen raw and cooked: (HOSO, HLSO, EZP, PTO, PD, PUD, BUTTERFLY, HAED…) Vannamei Shrimps
with a wide variety range of sizes from 2/4 6/8 8/12 13/15 16/20 21/25 26/30 31/40 41/50 51/60 61/70 71/90 91/120 121/130 100/200 200/300

Furthermore, we have our own black tiger shrimp farms in the mangrove forests along with the Mekong rivers where natural in favor of the ideal living environment for excellent quality shrimps. Each product of MEVNCO is a commitment to freshness, safety and quintessential flavor in Mekong river delta.

Strategic Vision
Through a journey of more than 15 years of continuous constructing and developing, MEVNCO has increasingly consolidated its position, and has aimed to become a leading factory in the field of producing and packing shrimp products for exporting from Vietnam. We are committed to supply domestic and foreign clients with top-quality fresh frozen vannamei shrimps and black tiger shrimps, et cetera for ensuring food safety and meeting international standards.

We are proud to be one of the reputable companies in the seafood producing and import-exporting industry in Vietnam presently, MEVNCO is firmly committed to bringing the sustainable value to the customers and the partners.

Providing Diverse Products With Premium Flavor
MEVNCO‘s products, which are famous for its whole fresh taste premium quality, are the result of the unique production process, and given prominence to the top-quality in the original. Our factory purchases directly live and fresh whole head-on shell-on shrimps near enough to ponds for retaining natural moisture, perfect flavor and texture. We understand that the fresh shrimps are the soul of the dish. Therefore, we always focus on preserving the unique odour of the live shrimps from the diverse farming systems.

Where Trust Is Cultivated Through Quality Production Processes
MEVNCO‘s factory always tries to accommodate customers with safe and the top-quality products in order to meet all the most stringent quality standards. All of our products are closely monitored and regularly tested by NAFIQAD to ensure that are not found out any pathogenic bacteria, anti-biotic, harmful substances and additive regulated in accordance with Japan, European Union, South Korea, United Arab Emirates and others. The products meet sanitary requirements and fit for human consumption.
With modern production processes and the well-trained team of dedicated engineers together with skilled manual workers, we always strictly complies with food hygiene and safety standards. We undertake and provide all consumers with fresh, delicious, nutritious and secure  shrimp products. We also would like to send you online photos, and the pre-shipment inspection report that the final product is made, and met the required technical specification parameters.

Accompanying Partners And Customers To Increase In More Profits
With many years of experience in the field of high quality shrimp, MEVNCO engages with the clients that is a total solution provider for the shrimp chain to meet the partners and the customers’ requirements along with good quality and with competitive prices for delivery on time.
+ Competitive prices: Modern factory system, optimizing production efficiency, helping to reduce costs. Furthermore, we have independent shrimp raw material sources, without intermediaries, ensuring the best production prices.
+ Professional service: Experienced and dedicated staffs, always strive for bringing the customers the highest quality solutions.
+ On-time delivery: Professional logistics systems, closely coordinating with leading reputable shipping companies in Vietnam, expedited delivery goods safely and quickly on time, as well as meeting the best progress of partners and customers.

MEVNCO – Trusted partner for sustainable cooperation solutions!
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